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Nice try, troll. What's the matter, not getting enough attention at school?

>>Some people claim your products are snake oil that make audiophiles buying them appear to be fools. I am one of them. <<

I agree. You -are- a fool. An incorrigible loud-mouthed fool at that, judging by all the messages I have recently found from you that you have infested many AA forums with. Admitting you're a fool is probably the only true thing you've ever said in your history here. For the record, as a proud Beltist, I would much rather "appear" to be a fool to transparent fools like you, than to emulate you and actually be a fool - moreover, too great a fool to ever realize it. So naturally, being the belligerent and blinkered fool that you are, you're a waste of time debating. The fact that you think this latest loud bait of yours isn't a buck-naked attempt at trolling, says everything about you.

>>We may be wrong. Or we may be right. <<

Alas, you're wrong. But then that's redundant, because, what -aren't- you wrong about? I'm amused to see you straining to try to be a nice boy and carefully avoid making any more of those stupid, nasty, unfounded defamatory allegations you're famous for, after I had your last post on this subject deleted. So here, you get a cracker from me for the effort. I know they say you shouldn't feed the trolls but... .you're such a desperate one, I felt sorry for you. LOL!

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