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Re: Well, I never suggested any sound card...

> Andy, you just don't know what you are talking about, BUT you
> certainly have strong opinions about what we can or cannot hear.

I suggest you reread the post you have replied to when it comes to claims about what you hear.

> The problem is that ABX testing is a very poor way to detect small
> differences, except for level and frequency response.

What is the basis for this statement? Does it involve things that can be measured and independently checked?

> Some here, like Jon Risch and Clark Johnson, are virtual experts in
> ABX testing, yet they don't necessarily use it to prove audio
> differences.

Experts? Clark openly admits science does not apply to audio so how can he be an expert. I do not know much about Jon other than a few wacky statements about cables which would seem to be rather a hindrance to a claim to be an expert in any area related to scientific thought.

> In the end, it is easiest just to trust your ears.

Only if you are completely ignorant of how sound perception works and do not wish your results to be accepted by mainstream audio or science.

> Of course, you can make a mistake on occasion, but so what?

Without knowing what depends on the consequences the question is not answerable.

> It is better than never hearing any differences in an ABX test, when
> they are apparent in open listening, and reappear when you listen a
> second time, or compare products.

What is wrong with this? It would appear perfectly normal to me.

> Why do you think that people rarely do ABX testing anymore,

In the audiophile area? I would assume most are aware that the outcome is not going to be what they want and so quite sensibly avoid it. In other audio areas like computer audio I believe it is widely used.

> and test boxes are not as available as in the past?

Because there is no market for them. I was surprised there was ever a market in the first place.

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