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Re: Did you get your Clever Little Clock yet?

You are such an idiot, Dan. If you would look down below you would see my arguments with Geoff Kait regarding his products. If you had read anything else I have written you would KNOW I don't support those kinds of products and then you wouldn't write this kind of rubbish because it is patently false.

Dan, who is the personal attacker here? It is YOU!!

"First you trash specifications,then you trash standards, then if you are successful in doing both of those, you can sell any garbage you want."

Maybe if pseudo engineers like yourself would stop blindly using virtually meaningless metrics for sound performance (like THD) and get to work to define some REAL metrics and standards then I would be whole hearted endorser of good measuring gear (because then it might actually sound good too). Get off your lazy butt and find out what really is important and how to specify it. I have no patience for meaningless metrics. I don't use them in the lab and as a result our data is well correlated with the real phenomenon.

The idea of correlating measurements to experience never even occurs to you, does it?

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