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"Kinda like looking in the mirror Clark?" As I said... lame, lame.

"Come on, you can try and paint a picture that us engineers are all naysayers and..." First, I was not the painter, Dave Clark was; you should read the text more carefully. Second, I'm an engineer too, of optical systems and audio (a Lifetime Member of the AES in fact), so let's just say I speak from the belly of the beast.

Then: To my short list of charges I should have added implacable irrationality, viz:

"Does the fact that it turned out to be nothing more than just a cd duplicator change your opinion of its effect on your cd's?" First, the Reality Check device always was, now is, and forever more shall be, a (standalone) CD duplicator; that was never in question, so the writer's implication here is irrational. Second, why should anything change my opinion of the sonic results? They were, are, and forevermore shall be exactly as stated.

"Do you still use it and recommend it to others?" Of course I do. Geez Luiz! The one I use, is the one I bought. The one I now recommend is different, the original being no longer on the market.


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