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I presume you're joking... It is so sad that they teach people numbers and equations in schools, but not how to think...

... not about what it means to be a scientist, not about the history of science, not about how ideas propogate and form theories that are later proved or disproved as science and knowledge advances, ...

...and not about how The more you know, The more you know you don't know.

If anyone else is reading this, don't be bamboozled. They don't teach diddly squat in school - they just teach you enough to get a job, which is where you finally START learning what is really going on.

And then you finally START learning that we know almost nothing - a few models here and there whose predictions appear to match experimental data, more or less. That's it.

This is what makes science so much fun - no one has yet figured this stuff out yet, and YOU could be the one. New models of how various things work are being proposed every day....

Sorry, but PhD's can only guide people by trying to explain the models of how things work that they learned while in school, which may or may not apply to the questions being debated [and in general they do not], and if they apply, they predict only what SHOULD happen as a result of an experiment, based on the model... not what WILL happen; just what the model predicts will happen.

mike, getting bored typing the obvious at the keyboard.

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