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I Think It's Corrupt Beyond Recognition.....

Take Kait's jar of rocks. AKA Brilliant Pebbles.

Then take DCS' Purcell upsampler. Which introduced asynchronous sample-rate conversion to the audio world.

One is a seemingly obvious questionable product, and has triggered some healthy debate over "snake oil" in audio.

The other I can explain why it's truly a questionable product that has set back the audio art for consumers across-the-board. Yet the press and even the so-called "scientific" audio community have accepted it as "advanced technology."

So I ask the question- Where's the deceit really coming from??

This is why I think the industry is corrupt. And why I don't trust the "scientific" audio community any more than I do the "audiophile" community.

I'm negative because it shouldn't be so damm difficult to attain good sound. That's what technology should be achieving. But it's failing miserably, in my humble opinion.

I personally think I've circumvented this corrupt entity, but I take no pride over that. For people shouldn't have to do that. Just like they shouldn't have to resort to a Timex clock with an orange Avery label stuck to its face.

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