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Re: Normally I'd ignore your obsessive focus on this topic but I have a question for you

"No, I am not a degreed electronic engineer"

I am not in the least bit surprised. My observation is that personality differences cannot keep most engineers, especially electrical engineers from instinctively knowing who is or isn't by their attitudes towards technical issues. Having been surrounded by engineers and scientists much of my life, having worked with them extensively, and having roomed with a physics student for two years, I've become accostomed to their differences in temperment.

Has it escaped you that by your own prior standards of not talking to anyone who is not a degreed electrical engineer, you were not qualified to talk to yourself? Of all the absurd contradictions you've presented me with, that one has to top the list.

I've been extremely disappointed and surprised in the technical discussions we've had. I can hardly believe that a trained physicist would be a subjectivist who is not determined enough or curious enough to find measurements which correlate with differences in his subjective reactions to his own and competing designs. For an engineer to defend Cheever's paper would be foolish, for a physicist it is ludicrous, an unbelievable descent into relativism. You couldn't or wouldn't reconcile your measurements with my simple minded worst case calculations I offered you. And above all, you seem to have expended your life energies by beating the dead horse of amplifier design which isn't going to get any deader. Given your interest in music and electronics, I'm surprised you haven't spent your energies more profitably designing better speaker systems given what a deplorable state the art it has been frozen into rather than trying to design amplifiers which disguise their shortcomings.

I don't see how any further technical discussion between us would profit either of us as we see the world through entirely different eyes.

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