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Lack of mobility only means lack of a life if you want it that way

I've known many people who had limited mobility, some of them restricted to wheel chairs. Don't give me the "you are so insensitive" line of bullshit. That kind of crap doesn't wash with me, I've been around the block too many years to fall for it. There are many ways for people who have restricted mobility to socialize with other human beings and participate in life if they want to. There isn't a community in the United States which doesn't have countless organizations and programs, some private and some public to bring people with all kinds of disabilities into "the community" and make them feel part of the world and not leave them to be in solitary confinement in their own homes. That only happens to them if they insist on it and many do. Hiding behind a computer terminal, a stereo system, and a television set is one way to do it. Feeling sorry for yourself is another.

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