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Wrong as usual Morricab

"From my experience it is possible to get a sound very close to what is heard in a concert hall AND what would be heard in a small room. The key to the concert hall is low level resolution of the entire reproduction chain."

The key to reproducing what the concert hall does is duplicating hundreds of reflections resulting from each note arriving at you uniformly from many different directions in rapid succession over a period of a second, two seconds, or more where the high overtones die out nearly twice as fast as the lower and mid range tones. There are few if any sound systems in the world other than highly experimental ones which can do that. I have one such system. It is extremely difficult to set up, calibrate, and operate properly especially with different recordings. Try a binaural recording instead of a stereophonic recording made around Row "M" or Row "R". Listen to it through headphones. You'll hear two scalar fields so you won't get the spatial aspects of a true vector field but you will get the right musical tone of the instruments at least. That's better than what you normally get from other recordings.

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