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If All Properly Designed Wire Has No "Sound" How Can Belden Win?

1) Does anyone here remember when Pat D and his group of Objectivists like Caymus, Dan Banquer and Cliff stated that if the interconnects were kept to 3ft and the speakerwire was kept to 10ft a difference wouldn't be detected?

Pat D's actual words were "You offer no proof that differences between 3 foot interconnects at line level or 10 foot speaker cables of reasonable gauge are ordinarily audible with equipment that is functioning properly within its design limits." Taken from this post: http://www.audioasylum.com/forums/prophead/messages/21106.html
Of course you notice Pat D, ever the audio politician leaves himself a way out, whenever anyone hears a difference Pat will claim something wasn't "functioning properly within its design limits." Or Pat will say I never said all! While meaning 99.999999999999999%

2) Does anyone here remember when Dan Banquer said "One of these days the crackpots are going to realize that there is no real sound of wire, it's the driver at the source end either having the frequency response rolled off or distorting due to the reactance of the wire. Or in the case of speakercable, the reactance of the cable mixing with the reactance of the crossover. It's basic theory here folks, no magic and not rocket science." Here's where Dan said that:


Funny thing happened today. I decided to read Dan's old R.E. Designs FAQ's and I came across this statement by a man named Dave:

I don't see any of those designer cables. What gives here, Dan?

To which Dan answered As far as the cables are concerned I have not heard to date any of these so called designer cables improve much of anything. In fact I GENERALLY HEAR THE OPPOSITE (my emphasis --thetubeguy1954) EVERYTIME someone gives me a demonstration of the so-called latest and greatest cable versus the Belden cable that I use, I HEAR ANYTHING FROM DIMINISHED DYNAMIC TO GROSS DISTORTION. (my emphasis --thetubeguy1954) I remember being at someone's place and getting a demonstration of what different power cords would do to his power amp. THE GOOD OLD BELDEN WON OUT READILY (my emphasis -thetubeguy1954) All the others degraded the dynamics and clarity. I have come to the following conclusion about these so called designer cables. They are really an attempt to reduce the dynamics of the equipment so the system "sounds better" in an acoustically untreated or poorly treated room.

Dan's comment started me thinking. What happened to; as long as the interconnects are kept to 3ft and the speakerwire is kept to 10ft a difference couldn't be detected, even via DBTs as they'll sometimes add?

1) How is that EVERYTIME Dan heard, anything from diminished dynamics to gross distortion? That's what Dan said EVERYTIME time he heard a difference! How did he hear a difference at all? I guess, according to Pat D, Dan's equipment wasn't functioning properly within its design limits!

But notice now Dan says something different...

2) How did Dan GENERALLY hear the opposite occur? For that's EXACTLY what Dan said he generally heard a difference albeit not one he liked.

So Dan did you hear something everytime you compared wires or generally?

3) How did Dan hear that the "good-old" Belden won out readily? When comparing power cords? According to the other Objectivists power cords cannot effect the sound!

dan isn't even consistant with what he says, is it everytime or generally? Can power cords make a difference or not? According to Dan the Belden power cord won everytime! These Objectivist guys cannot even agree amongst themselves, Hmmmmmm it makes one wonder, what do they really believe?


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