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Re: Audible differences that can't be measured

[ So while having the view that it's possible for audible differences to exist without any measurable differences might make a designer appear very open-minded, there really is little practical application of such a view. I suppose that one could accept the design technique of random experimentation to be valid to some extent. ]

Good designers deal with the 'unmeasurable' in as scientific a manner as possible, using their experience, the experience of others they trust, and logical and controlled experimentation to achieve their goals.

Not exactly the same as the monkeys, nor as worthless.

Why must such an approach (forced upon us due to the total lack of correlation between the traditional measurement suite, and how things listen) be taken as if it has no value? The ancient alchemist who developed gunpowder didn't have to be a chemical engineer and known the periodic table or atomic weights to develop a good mixture, he just had to take good notes and proceed methodically. As far as he was concerned, it WAS magic! However, some magic worked better than others, and if he bothered to notice, then progress was still made, and more satisfying explosions occured.

Here we have trained and educated engineers struggling to push the home playback SOTA, and simple THD just doesn't cut it. So they try the Black Gate caps, the tantalum resistors, even the silver wires. Bottom line is that EVERYONE still has to LISTEN to it to evaluate it. Some folks listen better than others, and have more experience listening. Some even achieve those incremental improvements despite the lack of measurement correlation. Nothing wrong with that.

Jon Risch

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