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Hi folks. This is a followup to my "line level" post, below.

I'm wondering how much headroom to expect, relative to the specified level. If, for example, you have a -10dBV (consumer line-level) device, and that translates into .316V rms (right?), then, what should you expect the device's maximum output to be?

Now the obvious, related question: if you've got a device with a -10dV INPUT, how much headroom should it have, at a minimum? I'm guessing that it should NOT be expected to start clipping at an input of .316 V...correct? I've read figures like 20-25 dB headroom, with top-quality devices having as much as 30. Am I on the right page here? Is it right to conclude, then, that a properly designed unit should not clip until at least 20dB above that .316 V rms level? Am I thinking about this right?

Focusing on the inputs: How much headroom do we have a right to expect? At what voltage level, at a minimum, should a consumer-level (-10 dBV)-input device clip? In case it matters, I'm referring to a DAC/digital interface, in this case the M-Audio Firewire 410.


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