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Re: Great response...one question

Bobp is correct, Firewire is the choice for very large files such as those typically found in digital video and photography. If this was a choice between USb2 and FW800, FW would be the clear winner - and is the de facto standard at most digital studios.

But in the specific case of the Mac Mini, IMHO the much higher data rates make USB2 is a better choice for large files when compared to Firewire 400 which is what the Mini offers. (I am going to make a wild leap here and guess that anyone putting some photos on a Mini is not exactly pushing 100Mb multi-layer files down the pipe...)

Plus, from a pecuniary point of view, FW400 can safely be considered a dying standard while USB2 is the king of the hill - meaning a lot more choices and a lot more aggressive discounting.

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