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Introduction and tweak inquiry

Hi folks,

I figured the new year was a good time to de-lurk. I've been coming around from time to time to soak up all the good info and learn how to rebuild my speakers.

I've had a pair of MGIIs and a pair of SMGs up in the attic for a few years now, waiting for me to get them back into commission. Being recently unemployed, I'm allowing myself a small budget of time for personal projects. The bulk of my time is dedicated to starting a business.

Anyway, on to the question. Needing less work, I decided to start on the SMGs. I have the rewiring kit from Magnepan and will start the tweeters tomorrow. While I have them open, I've been contemplating cutting the panels down a bit to end up with a narrower pair - say 18" wide (more like the later versions). No problem making custom socks, trim and stands. The cuts would leave around 3 inches of MDF on each side of the driver panels.

Has anybody tried this? Am I courting sonic disaster? I'm not too worried about the other risks of the surgery as I have next to nothing into this pair. The idea is to end up with something that doesn't dominate the room like the wider panel does.


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