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1.6 passive line xo: "darkness" problem solved

i now think the difference in tonal balance i've been noticing
since i replaced my high level xo by my present low level
xo prototype was due, in a good part, to the IC i was using
for the woofer amps; this morning i replaced the YBA cristal
(rewired to use 2 runs of 20ga solid copper, shielded) by
a DIY IC identical to the one i've been using for the tweeters
amps (2 runs of 30ga solid silver, teflon ins, twisted), and
things are now much better: the bass is clearly tighter & cleaner

i conclude the darkness i initially noticed was due to 3 causes:
• i was used to the brightness of the 1.6 tweeters, which
has almost disappeared after biamping with my present xover
• i was using bass IC's which weren't adequate to the task (lesson
to learn: when biamping, use similar high quality for the four IC's)
• the need for breaking in of the xover networks (components,
connections & solderings)

top notch resistors & caps just ordered: can't wait to listen to them!

best, paco

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