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1.6 passive line xo update

once my initial mistake of placing the networks close
to my preamp has been corrected the slight buzz is gone;
now each small network is connected to each of the four IC's
at just 1 inch of each amp input

also, the initial impression of darkness has decreased
considerably, so i've to assume some breaking in has been
taking place with so minute resistors & caps

i believe the resolving power of my maggies is now
increased about 30%, and the consequences are clear in
every department: more low level detail & ambience, no more
brightness (even when listening at deafening vol), much better
bass & dynamics, better, more cohesive imaging, etc, etc,
so in a word much more musicality

yesterday i was listening to particular orquestral recordings which
formerly were difficult to me: 1st act of Karajan's Die Walküre
(now Vicker's beautiful, big, very expressive voice no
longer does any harm to my ears), Hogwood's Bach's Orquestral
Suites (no longer unbearably bright and harsh), and Lindberg's
recent Aura (now perfectly listenable and enjoyable in all
its higly dense orquestral complexity & power)

summing up: vertical biamping with a well designed passive
line xover (thanks once again Davey!!) is able to allow
my 1.6 to offer even much more musical pleasure & emotion

next? to replace my present junk resistors & caps by much
better ones

best, paco

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