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1.6 passive line xo works!

after my Donizetti's have been burned in, all the sonic parameters
i reported a few days ago have been gradually improving, so
passive biamping IS THE WAY if you want to know everything
about that what your 1.6 have really to offer; in particular, overall
musicality, well formed soundstage and huge reduction in the
usual congestion with grand orquestra recordings may be mentioned
as the main improvements

now i've just connected this very simple circuit with minute
resistors and caps between pre & amps to dispense with my
beloved northcreek coil & jensen/ansar caps (thanks Davey!!):

high pass: 5.49k ser - 4.53k par - 2.2nF ser

low pass: 5.11k ser - 68nF par - 49.9k ser - 22nF par

i've used CRAP components (just $3 as a whole), but
i'm planning replacing them by much better ones (thanks

at the moment all i can say is that nothing bad happened when
i connected the circuits, one to each maggie (i was really chickening out to see
no protection at all between my amps outputs & my 1.6 drivers),
so the system is playing music!! give me time & i'll report back

best, paco

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Topic - 1.6 passive line xo works! - paco 09:20:51 02/04/01 (28)

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