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You wouldn't let it lie would ya?

I mention my genitalia deficiency in confidence within the confines of a PRIVATE thread over on General and you had to THRUST it into the PUBIC domain for all to see - you couldn't resist STROKING the fires again could you? What kind of a MEMBER are you exactly?

OK, it may only be NINE INCHES but you wouldn't want it on the end of your nose as a wart would ya?

Keep on ERECTING MY PENIS problems all you want Bagsgroove, but the more you WAVE IT AROUND, the more your posts will become IMPOTENT and any influence or integrity you possess will become LIMP; furthermore, you may even be subject to a PREMATURE EJECTION from the Asylum if you are unable to provide a BONER-fida reason as to your constant taunting of unfortunates such as myself.

I may be THICK AND my posts aren't exactly JUICY in their content, but surely my INNADEQUATE prose and LIMP humour shouldn't disqualIFFY my social INTERCOURSE?

Best Regards,
Chris Redmond.

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