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Tintillizing, titillating treatice on trolls...

Is it not for notice that we post anything on a board such as we have here? Is an answer based on previous knowledge and intuitive thought meant to be read by more than just the questioner? I post this as a sort of troll if the answer is yes to the previous queries. I believe, and it may seem quite presumptuous and overly sure of myself to state this, that the posters here are among the more intelligent, witty, and humorous of many of the good and gentle folks at the other asylum "rooms."

Notice that I did not say that we WERE the most intelligent...only that we are, in fact, a special collection of remarkable wits, and even of more interest, our gathering here was almost an overnight affair! I surely could have said we were the most intellectual of all if the extreme definition of troll is what I wished to achieve.

I write this as an exercise, not only for myself, but for the others who wish to conjecture and comment, for this is, as stated above (by those definitions) a troll. I must admit, and I think that if everyone is truthful they too will agree that we always desire to see discourse on anything we write in these hallowed halls of hearing horrors.

It is when we take the risk of baring ourselves that we determine who we would care to be friends with, although many miles separate us and we may never see those friends face to face, so that those "trolls" are but phrases placed within a crowd to identify like souls, people whose interests are much like our own. We are all interested in music, we are all interested in the presentation of recorded music, but we all are far more complex than those simple facts will allow. It is a given idea! How we identify those complexities, those differences is through our trolls.

Let me backtrack for a moment and state that the poster who states a concrete thought that is subtlety antagonistic or openly so is a true "troll." But, that person too is perhaps looking to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So I ask of all, am I correct to assume, as I have written above, that we are all trolling for someone to take our hooks, to reveal how they think and by that, identifying those who we wish to befriend. In some ways these ideas could be likened to a new kid in school, trying to identify those who will be his friends and those who will be his enemies.

Yes, I know there is no simple answer because we can learn from those who we identify as people we would definitely not like as friends, complicating the entire question. However, I know some very deep and great friendships have developed at the asylum and, as I write this I realize that although that has happened to me, the extreme opposite has not. I have wondered why some are so belligerant, why some rarely have anything nice to say...but, perhaps thankfully, I have not learned to hate anyone...and that may be the true wonder of this entire entity we call the asylum.

I call upon your conjecture and the words that might ensue.

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