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Goodmans Axiom 301Theil and Small Parameters

Goodmans Axiom speakers from Britain in the late 1960s are somewhat renowned for their efficiency and other characteristics. But there do not seem to have been any loudspeaker enclosures designed for them since the original bass reflex enclosure designs put out by the manufacturers. Modern designs are based on Theil and Small parameters, using programs such as Unibox (http://www.danbbs.dk/~ko/ubdwnld.htm). But to use them you need the parameters.

I've had one of my Goodmans 301 speakers measured by a laboratory here in Australia. They are as follows:

Fs: 31.679 Hz
Re: 5.71 ohms
Qms: 3.411
Qes: 0.231
Qts: 0.217
Sd: 491 square cm
Vas: 310.993 litres
Xmax peak: not measured, guess 5mm
Le: not measured, use zero
Nominal power: 20 watts

Canberra, Australia

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