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Re: Romy's Revenge

Bill, Bill -

Comments follow, as you say, but without any particular order:

His point that a midrange speaker is not being used at resonance is valid.

Comment: In a horn/driver system there is more than one resonance to control. Driver [Fs] was never at issue here.


The only thing that wire does is add series resistance, as you said yourself. One can certainly argue the point that dampening is unimportant above resonance(s) of the horn/driver system and this is the point that was made. Resonance is a non-specific term, and doesn't apply only to Fts. A quote of the post you argued is "they do not operate near ANY resonant."

Have you written any peer reviewed articles?

Comment: I am not in the speaker cable business. So the prospect of that topic being addressed by me in an article is quite slim. I do want to read objective articles on the subject that are at least supported by some modeling and test data that demonstrate claim validity. In that case I may try to reproduce it, otherwise …

If my current lab work yields fruitful results, then I will certainly prepare and submit for review a manuscript covering any discoveries made, along with a patent application that addresses appropriate product implementations.


A patent on wire. A PATENT ON WIRE!!! Do you hear that?!! A patent on WIRE!!!!!

That's the funniest thing I think I've heard in a long time!

A patent on wire!

Did Nicola Tesla get good reviews by his peers?
Or was Edison busy selling light bulbs and discrediting Tesla?
Did that make him right?
Or was he just a rich kid that liked to play a lot?

Comment: As far as Edison and Tesla are concerned, their contributions are well known, and neither was reluctant to publish. I will note that Edison and his associates preferred the patent office.


The PTO is neither a judge of truth nor a repository of truth. It is not a director of truth or a listener of truth. The PTO is simply a place to record intellectual property rights. It's a legal office, and nothing more.

Telsa invented everything that was later to become the wiring of the world. Edison did nothing more than to tinker around with gadgets and find ways to make money with them. As a capitalist, he was very successful. As an inventor, he was mediocre. Tesla made a system that was capable of powering a city, a state, a nation, the world. Edison's system could not - No way. Edison instead lied to everyone in America and the rest of the world. And he was PEER REVIEWED. That didn't mean anything, except that he could get fools to believe his nonsense.

Don't bother with quotes or trying to discredit a persons comments with that peer review buisness. If you have a valid line of reasoning, then say it. But if you just want to belittle someone, don't bother. Especially about something like this. I really don't want to listen to someone who has so little to offer that they would write a thesis about wire.

Did Jesus have peer reviews?
Or did the Pharases not say that he was a fool?

Comment: I assume you mean Pharisees? Beyond this, do not comment on religious matters. In this forum, I draw sufficient flak from posts on matters acoustic.


One cannot misspell in English a word that is not English. It would be more correct to have written this word "farisei" but even this is not right. The wrong alphabet has been used. You can quote the dictionary all you want, but that is more of the same - quoting references. You have purposely chosen to fail to see the meaning in this dialog, and that also means you have failed to see the truth.

Leave this guy alone.

Comment: Truth = Abuse! Since when?


How do you like it? We discuss a meaningless topic:

The deeper truth in speaker wires.

Is it pleasant for you? I sense that you are embarrassed. I think it would have been better left alone.

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