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This is a little more formal than I'm accustomed to and I won't be able to deny your analysis nor your references. I read the paper on speaker cables about 15 years ago and while I agree to that I also think it doesn't finish the topic. Jon Risch, Malcolm Hawksford, and Allen Wright all have some more written, and it's rather controversial stuff. There is no debate from me. You either subscribe to their ideas or you don't. That's enough of that topic.

Concerning my comments about speakers, I simplified the argument for sake of argument. I am not going to deny the resistance has a real effect on the system response in predictable fashion because I know it does. I am one who believes it merely doesn't finish explaining the whole speaker wire's effect in one neat model for all that I hear going on. It seems to act more than just a resistor changing on the speaker terminals. No need to argue about it because that's all I have to say on that.


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