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Lots of us have heard the Emerald Physics Nemesis open-baffle systems.

Friends and I were so impressed with the 3-baffles-per-channel version shown at RMAF in Oct., we invited Clayton Shaw to demo them to the Arizona Audio Video Club. Based on feedback received in October, he made a 2-baffles-per-channel version and brought them to Phoenix in February.

Here's the prototype of the double-baffle version in my garage where we assembled them.

The system requires triamplification and uses a dbx digital speaker-management system (SMS) for all crossovers, driver-spacing compensation, and equalization; a dbx DriveRack 260 is included in the price.

In my and many others' opinions, the magic of an open-baffle system is its spaciousness. That spaciousness may be a creation of the speaker in the room and NOT on the recording, but an OB system seems to recapture some of the spaciousness that's lost in the recording process.

Since the system's flat power response in YOUR room is created by the SMS, the tonal balance of the system can be anything you want it to be. Clayton sets his balance to be flat, which has not enough bass and lower-MR energy and WAY too much treble for me, and as the demo progressed, I created another response curve in the SMS (I have one of these in my system) that achieved a tonal balance more to my liking (and, of course, was rather colored).

My only complaint about the system's sound is the quality of the treble, which was always too hard for me. Others had NO problem with that, so I'm sure it's just my tin ears. The system was driven, initially, by my Outlaw 200WPC 7-channel poweramp, but it sounded better (and very, very good) driven by my 2 Music Reference 2.5WPC SETs on the MR and treble.
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