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It's a signal-noise ratio issue

Hi Russ,

I'd take the preamp out of the system, connect the signals from the CD player directly into the crossover, and use a volume attenuator oafter the crossover. Using a preamp to control the volume typically would attenuate the analog signals into the crossover quite a lot. When I was playing with some JBL speakers with horn-loaded mid and high, the noise from the analog active crossover was so high to be distracting. The problem was that the volume attenuator was placed before the crossover, and at a normal listening level it dropped the CD signals by 30dB or so. The tiny signals were then filtered by the analog crossover, which added its noise to the output signals. The signals and noise were then amplified together by the amp by 30dB or so. The noise problem was solved by feeding the CD player output to the crossover directly, and feeding the crossover output into the DVD-Multi inputs of a cheap receiver used to biamp the speakers.



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