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Re: Karlson-coupler aspect - what might be juggled for aspect & performance?


Right, the K15 has the driver rear chamber venting into a low pass filter, which vents into another low pass filter, which vents into the front driver chamber, so while you can get by with just venting the rear driver chamber into the front like in the sim I did, adding the two interstage filters will of course perform better. If CN can't see that this is a multi-chambered BP, then that's his problem. Then again, neither he nor any of the others called me on it when I posted it on the K forum some years ago, so deep down that's an admission of agreement to my way of thinking. ;^)

Never tried 1/4 WL loading a BP, but I'd start with the obvious, ~3390"/135 = 25.1" to see how it measured, figuring the end correction will lower it some. The calc'd chamber Vb won't change though.


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