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2 Sides to every story I guess...

"Artemis is not the first person to ask the question here and elsewhere. And the answer is clear isn't it? "Horn sound" is an acoustic problem and has to be dealt with through acoustic means."

Have you ever heard a really good HiFi horn rig? To my ears, most high-end boutique speakers sound far more colored than the best horn rigs out there. So perhaps the question should be "Can the horns be EQd to mimic the colorations of the most favored direct radiators. Again this idea was well addressed in Mr. Eizik's post.

"Let me put it this way: The High Efficiency Speaker discussion board had the participation of one of the few real experts on acoustic waveguides and horns, so it drove him away. This was not behaviour favourable to our own interests, was it?"

As Tom mentioned we have several of the leading figures in Horn design here already. I think Tom forgot to mention RCA-fan in his list...

Mr. Waelti, I'm sure Earl would love to share his expertise with you. Try contacting him through his company website...


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