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Re: Can the so called "horn sound" be fixed by digital equalization?

If anyone "Drove" Earl away from this site, it was Earl himself.

There is no question he could offer a great deal, but his pattern of making gross mis-statements and never admitting them did damage his credibility here. There are many here who are quite knowledgeable and not easily blinded by phds.

BTW, the open cell foam you mention was used for pattern control more than dealing with the "Higher Order Modes" you speak of. Earl's "Oblate Spheroidal" throat geometry and overall waveguide shape had the most significant influence on the HOMs as well as the pattern control.

In case you hadn't noticed, the lead post was a none-too-clever troll, and one that was well addressed by Mr. Eizik. Any well designed horn will have low coloration. The biggest problem with "Horn Sound" is too many people are exposed to poorly designed and implemented systems: taking PA elements and putting them in your HiFi will not yield the best sound.


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