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So much for quality drivers making better sound!


You know, I put myself through school working at the local hi-fi store-selling folks on the benefits of cast aluminum baskets, high gauss levels, and edgewound voice coils with narrow gaps. When I think about it, I probably sold over 100 pairs of JBLs (mostly L19, L26, L36 to poor students, and Jubals, L100s and 200s to well heeled ones) while I was in their employ. The quality of construction of JBLs and the higher end Altecs (Altec was also producing low-end junk in the 70's) seemed to me to have a direct correlation to sound quality. When I got out of school I became the Tannoy rep for the Rocky Mountain States, and becoming familiar with that line reinforced this belief, as they were made in the same fashion as JBL and Altec.

I could never reconcile the fact that Klipsch, particularly the Cornwall and the Belle, was a damn good sounding speaker in spite of using what I was trained to believe were second rate drivers. Perhaps the benefits are in the margins and the nuances, as a three way JBL system (L300 for example) has to me greater detail than the Klipsch, even though both sound good. Maybe it also points to the great potential of a good horn design, in spite of less than top notch manufacturing.

As an aside, I hear a rumor that Klipsch has curtailed the shipment of all Heritage series speakers, pending the selection of a new source of midrange drivers. Have you heard anything about that?

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