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Re: I think both viewpoints have merit here...

Sorry John, I don't place any stock in the things Warner has done to "improve" DVD-A. The product was so ill-conceived it is unable to accomodate its optimal performance of 24/192 on all channels. It's nowhere near as good as SACD to my ears. It's not even as good as upsampling CD to DSD on the Elgar/Purcel Plus. Not even close.

My point in this thread has been that Warner is surveying those who like their product and in so doing is reinforcing its charter in DVD-A production. That seems fairly obvious and innocuous an observation and I have not yet seen a cohesive argument against it.

What is less innocuous: many DVD-A supporters I've talked with in private and some who post here openly admit they'd prefer their DVD-A titles on SACD. So it seems to me the message you should be giving Warner is to release SACDs. It does no one in the record industry, the electronics industry and especially the general public any good to have two different formats targeting the same, next-generation CD market. It creates confusion, conflict, and retards the growth of high resolution digital audio and its ability to replace CD.

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