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Dead. 22 Stones SACD's-maybe. Remember "Gaucho"?

Your proof SACD is alive is unfulfilled promises? Its easy to see the fallacy of your reasoning. If Tower dumps SACD tomorrow (a real possiblity) is it still thriving, even if the Stones arrive? If Tower and Circuit City wash their hands of SACD, along with Crutchfield and Best Buy, who have already done so, is SACD still robust? Of course not. And, if retailers like Best Buy dump the format, ABKCO has to rethink the SACD package of 22 Stones SACD's. Remember, cancellations are not given press conferences, so they will not announce they have cancelled the Stones project until cornered.
So don't quibble further over the fact that there is no clear definition of when a format is dead. There was no line in the sand when CD-4 died, but we can all agree now its dead. Did it die when the last record company dropped, or when the last disc was sold, or the last decoder put in the garage? Who knows? 24 discs on the way.
How many discs are actually in the SACD pipeline? With release dates?

Dead is dead. SACD is dead or dying, take your pick. But my post was perfectly logical.

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