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Best SA-CD beats Best RB-CD

I still believe this is the case. The best recorded SA-CD beats the best recorded RB-CD. In the beginning I assume we were all somewhat in awe of the new medium. Fairly simple and cheap SACD players easily showed off the format's capabilities. SA-CD also sparked a sudden increase in quality of regular CD-player's.

But then the SA-CD novelty-factor wore off. The medium matured further. Faults and disappointments became apparent. And I have no doubt that many of us witnessed a socalled 'the emperor has no clothes' effect. Some SA-CD are truly not Super-anything. OTOH, well recorded SA-CD's have opened our eyes to what can be possible. The industry and audiophiles alike actually have a lot to thank SA-CD for.

The inherent qualities of SA-CD have pointed me towards an appreciation for vinyl. I would say that vinyl is a truly hi-rez format and it takes a LOT to better it. I am not yet experienced enough to definitively state that vinyl is better than SA-CD, but I am leaning towards this conclusion. I think I can support the conclusion that it is cheaper, relatively speaking, to achieve true reference quality audio playback with vinyl than with digital. For a few thousand dollars a reference quality vinyl system can be built. It takes multple tens of thousands of dollars to achieve the same with digital.


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