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Actually, a lot of people did believe.

...that we'd see a hybrid single inventory phase in. Back in those heady days there was talk of 'every' CD player having SACD capability, and every new release being hybrid SACD.

Now, though, I'm even worried about it as niche. I don't want to believe that the UMG drop is true, but I think it is. There really, really, is no other explanation for it.

What's our other choice - DVD-A? No; DVD-A is gone, too. DualDisc is the last hurrah for hi-rez, and it isn't even that - it just can be. (Say goodbye for 192/24 forever.)

A few years from now, I see both of these boards being merged again, for one. And we'll be perking our ears at every possible revival of a hi-rez format after the death of DVD-A and SACD.

Maybe DAD will make a comeback. I don't know. it doesn't look good. The record co's were looking to make some sort of killing on this, banking on the whiz-bang factor of 5.1.

5.1 didn't take off. So with it dies high resolution.

Get the titles you can. Get a backup player. You'll be glad you did, in a few years.

Hopefully the blue formats will hold SOMETHING for us: DSD or 192/24 on either of the blue formats would at least open up the POSSIBILITY for audiophile labels to put titles out if they so choose, riding on the coattails of mass market adoption of these formats.

This, however, has been a short, strange trip, but a fun one.

Get 'em while you can. Both DVD-A and SACD.

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  • Actually, a lot of people did believe. - Michi 01:26:24 01/24/05 (1)

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