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Before making the comparison, I actually expected the open-reel tape to come out on top. What I think is that this tape--which I just acquired and played for the first time--is either not a particularly good tape to start with (they weren't *all* great), or may have been subject to some kind of wear or damage. (I don't know what would erase the highs, though. Possibly magnetization?)

I have a fairly large library of reels, and they *are* pretty much uniformly terrific. I just made digital dubs for comparison purposes of the reel and the LPs (original Capitol pressings) of Beecham's Carmen. In this case, I felt the LPs might have the edge. Wrong again! The tapes won out by a huge margin--aside from some dropouts along the way. No contest whatsoever. Even dubbed to CD-R, where there is very audible signal degradation, the superiority of the open-reel tape is plain.

That's a long way of saying, yes, I agree with you: open-reel tapes tend to be an absolutely first-rate format.

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