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Yes hybrid SACD disks play just fine in my computer DVD drive, of course in the 16/44 format. I use a Macintosh, both a desktop and Powerbook. One would imagine that even those who use the Windows O/S should be able to play hybrid SACD disks on their DVD drives as well. Try that with the current DVD-A disks.

I think the idea is that when you pull out one of your favorite CD's regardless of format you don't want to have to figure out if it is compatable with the various types ofCD/DVD drives that are common in today's homes/offices/cars. Just insert and listen and enjoy.

There are a lot of people who enjoy playing music on their computers while they work. Why let a format impinge on that desire? Copyright protection and watermarking should not mar the listening experience. If one wants to create an MP3 copy for personal use to space shift to an iPod or other MP3 player, they should have that right to do so. Illegial file shareing is of course wrong.

Thus far I have heard a slect few high quality multi channel surrond disks in both DVD-A & SACD. Yes, these are quite nice and when the recording industry learns how to handle multi-channel it will probably be a success. Early two channel stereo recordings where horrible for the most part. These days it is home theater with its bombastic, loud spcial effects driven films that drive the consumer electronics industry. My preference on my seperate, DVD video system are mostly dialog driven films recorded in mono or at best two channel stereo. Manyy films prior to 1980 are mono.

My ideal would be to have a dedicated home theater set up with all its loud boomy bass and special effects, hopefully someday on HDTV/DVD disks. Yet in another, seperate room a high quality two channel system dedicated to the highest resolution sound possible, either in DVD-A/SACD or vinyl.

I wonder how many people today actually sit down say for two hours just to listen to music? No visuals, just music. I think that a very few audiophiles might still do that. How about regular people, not equipment oriented as we are in this forum. It seems that many people use audio as sonic wall paper, to borrow a cliche. I'm certainly guilty of that. However, since I rarely watch television or DVD's, time that would have been spent in front of the tube is instead time spent in front of the speakers. Usually on average two hours a day. Television is usually restricted to maybe one or two hours a week wether nor not broadcast or DVD.

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