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Oh, Applejack....

I guess I must have seemed from my post to be some sort of shut-in type that only listens to recorded music (and frets over formats, but, sorry that is fun and important to me to an extent. Also, the Quad speakers I got show off, for better or worse, what gear is in front of them). Anyways, I'm 38 and have been going to shows since I was 18, probably see at least 80 to 100 bands a year (but much of it in the experimental/indie rock/free jazz/free rock vein). So, yes, I'm clued in to much current live music. And I'll be the first to say that NO system, I don't care if it costs 100 grand, can duplicate a live concert/performance. I laugh at this notion. You can get close, but to FEEL what is going on around you, you have to be there. The Ghost (Japanese band) show I saw tonight was a mind blower. Their records are wonderful, but nothing can put their live power into my (or anyones livingroom). Unless you have the money to fly them to your home from Japan.

Anyways, sorry I got down on current jazz. Yeah, there is good stuff out there, see some at the Knitting Factory and Tonic, saw some nice stuff at Bimhuas in Amsterdam.

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