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The psychology of dancing .......

Yeah, I virtually snap the heads off of flies, from time to time (what's a person to do?). Nature of the innernut beast. But I try to avoid doing it all the time, just because it's so easy doesn't mean I have to.

A few years back, I was trying to put together a deal for a be all, end all, mack daddiest turntable. Filled with angst and fear, would I be able to make it happen? Putting together the ducats, making the appointment, making the drive. Wondering on the drive over, how I was going to play it? Complainingly kicking the tires while grinding .... no, just made my best offer, which didn't fly.

But oh how I projected ..... man, if only I owned that table. I'd be the baddest mofo around. Sixty pound (air bearing) stainless platter, two hundred pound plinth. Twenty pound stainless motor flywheel (with its own air bearing). How intertwined my very self worth. Dependent. On some Oriental analog wet dream.

What's Mikey gonna spin? A Dual 505? If it isn't the Caliburn, it would merely be whatever is the contemporary equivalent. Makes no diff how it/they sound. None. Does the Caliburn sound good? Go ahead ..... aks me if I care.

We now return you to your normal Mikey/Valin/Mojo bashing [as different from the deep dark psycho-doodoo here].


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