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Re: 5 years from now, we can see, who won this debate :-)

<< Your SACD statements still make a negative impression on me >>

I guess the truth hurts.

<< A relevant alternative would be the much praised oppo DVD multiformat player at USD 149 and a X-box 360 game console at USD 299. Total USD 448 >>

That might be relevant if normal people that bought DVD players cared about SACD or DVD-Audio, or wanted to buy a game console at the same time. But in general, that's not the case. Your example would be like comparing a car with a navigation system to a car without a navigation system plus a separate navigation system. For those small percentage of buyers that need it, it would make sense. But that is not the vast majority of purchasers.

<< SONY can sell PS3 at a loss, because SONY get money from the game companies. >>

Actually Sony *has* to sell the PS3 at a loss because it would be completely unsaleable at $1000. So they have no choice. What remains to be seen is how long they can continue to lose money. I think it will be many years before their manufacturing costs come down to the point where they stop losing money. We'll see how long they have the stomach for bleeding. Don't forget that Sony stopped selling SACDs because they got tired of losing money.

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