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Re: hmmm.

You offered estimated figures, providing numbers to crunch. I've measured real world products that are beyond the figures quoted. Whether or not they'll withstand a 6KV blast, i sincerely doubt it. Then again, i sincerely doubt that the majority of generic 18 or 16 gauge power cords made in China will hold up too well to that test either. I havent tested such things, nor am i aware of the specifics of the test methodology used, so i'm strictly guesstimating here.

As you noted, star grounds suck for most everything BUT high impedance circuitry. In the grander scheme of things, that means that star grounds suck for the mass majority of modern electronic circuitry. This makes them a valid design approach for a rather limited number of applications. Too bad all of these "high tech, high end" audio manufacturers don't know this. Too bad the "high tech, high end" audio magazines haven't taught the end user this. Then again, when engineers with a handful of degrees can't / don't understand this, i guess it would be hard to get the average citizen to grasp such a concept.

As to making my living, i work strictly with RF, not AF. Most of my time is spent fixing / re-designing / modifying products designed by degreed engineers. It doesn't pay as much as i'd like, but i usually enjoy my work. Until the economy took a dump, that was reward enough in itself.

From what i can gather, i think that you may be in a similar situation, hence our having similar outlooks in many cases. THAT is why i can laugh along with you. The fact that you bring logic to what is many times an emotionally based exchange also makes it easy to enjoy your posts. At least, most of the time : ) Sean

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