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Re: Objectively what is the most accurate to the disc system - Engineers!!

If you want an accurate system then I suspect you are better off looking to what professionals who want accurate systems build and use rather than posting in the Critics section of Audio Asylum.

As Jim says, the first thing professionals do is spend a lot of time and effort addressing the acoustics of the room. I do not fully understand your comments about no DIY and yet being flexible about room? Electronics cannot correct for a room. What they can often do is improve the situation but they cannot fix it. Hence the effort put into getting the room as good as possible before considering any electronic corrections.

$1500.00 - $2000.00 for the speakers is unlikely to be enough. A good 3 way active studio monitor will cost more than this assuming you can find one second hand. I suspect the brand is not going to be of vital importance since once you get above a certain quality threshold the reputable manufacturers are all trying to achieve the same thing using the same well understood technology. Unfortunately, the market is not large and hence unit costs are fairly high for the better examples.

> I figure hey -- the used market is filled with all this stuff used
> so bring it on.

This has not been my experience. The second hand market is filled with stuff people no longer want and this rarely includes kit that is working and doing its job well.

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