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Fed up with system, starting from scratch.

Anyone ever get so fed up with their system that they just had to sell it and start over?? Well thats what I did. basically my setup was getting very big, complex and expensive and for what?? I actually was listening to music less and less and found myself focusing more on the "sound" than the music. I also was at a fellow music lovers house and he made me realize i needed a change. His system is so simple and inexpensive yet the music was so enjoyable. Rega p25/Planet/Mira/R1 and it was so musicaly enjoyable, part of the reason i think is that he was spinning mainly vinyl. I am hooked on Vinyl since I got a hand-me-down table a few weeks ago. Anyways I descided I was done with my big expensive system and i have sold it off.
Im now going to build a very small and simple setup for my bedroom. Budget is going to be $1500. I already have my trusty Exposure XV integrated and my laptop. So I need a pair of small floorstanders or mid-lrg sized standmounts. I need a synergestic match with my Exposure XV so a nice British speaker like Epos, Linn, NeatAcoustics would be best. Ive been looking for a used pair of Epos es14 I remeber lusting over them when they were new and they are suppsoed to be a perfect match with Exposure amps. Then I need a inexpensive DAC for my laptop, I dont want to spend much here because i want to switch to vinyl as my main source, I already have the Firestone Fubar2 usb dac which I will most likely hold onto for now. So that would leave roughly $750 or so for a TT. Since i am a newbie its probably the best bet to go with a new plug-n-play table from Rega or Project or Music Hall. SO I am on a mission, musicality in an inexpensive small and simple setup. Wish me luck people.

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