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I'll vote for Stephen

Stephen is a great guy. I wrote about him recently in my local area audio group message board. I included it below. It might sound over the top but that pretty much sums up my thoughts. I also like, and dislike, that he is always getting new brands in to try out. I like it because it is great to be able to listen to lots of great gear, but it also makes it very hard to keep my system (and bank account) stable. Pure torture!! :-))

Over the years I have become extremely jaded when it comes to dealing with sales people, especially for “disposable income” or “hobby” items. I have been extremely put off over the years by the typical salesman, in this hobby and others. You all have met and dealt with them, I am sure. They want to impart their “superior” wisdom and knowledge of the hobby onto you although they feel you are undeserving of the passing of this knowledge. They do not want to “waste time” getting to know your tastes in music or what you like and do not like about various aspects of the sound (are you a bass freak or a nut for midrange clarity or do crystal clear highs give you goose bumps). And they especially don’t want to spend time with you if you are not ready to buy “right this moment”.

Why am I stating all this? Because I feel that Stephen is the opposite of this. I first approached Stephen from a defensive posture assuming he was “like all the rest”. I was wrong. Does he want to make a sale to me? Sure! Why be in business otherwise. But he won’t make a sale just for the sake of making a sale. He is rightfully proud of the products he distributes as an importer and carries as a dealer … most offer high value/performance for the cost. But I also feel he is very humble about the performance of these products. If he feels the product is not right for me he says so. If he has a suitable alternative he points it out. If he does not have a suitable alternative he suggests products that he does not sell. He’d rather see me have the best system for me than sell me a product that does not fit into my system. I feel Stephen is the same with anyone in our group, or anyone that comes into his store, or phones him, or emails him. Your mileage may vary. :-)

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