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Which do you prefer, Truth or Beauty.

Stereophile this month has an interesting article about two of the different camps of Audiophilia.

The Accuracy (Truth) camp and the Beauty (I prefer this sound even though it is not faithful to the source) camp.

It used to go without saying that the the words Hi-Fidelity meant "faithful to the source," however, judging by some of the equipment that exhibits large variations in frequency response, distortion, etc. and that is still well reqarded by a large part of the Audio community, perhaps that definition needs to be changed.

I would put myself in the "Accuracy" camp, even with all its warts, not that I can't see the validity of the thinking of the folks that are in the "beauty" camp.

I believe that the beauty should be in the source, and if it isn't, it shouldn't be artificially imposed by a piece of audio gear, be it amplification or speaker.

Regards, Larry
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