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Here’s a room that delivered on the holographic front. Jonathan Tinn of Blue Light Audio tells us about it: “Von Schweikert VR-9 are $60,000 mated to two darTZeel NHB-108 Model 1 stereo amplifiers, bi-amped (though one is more than enough at $18,000). Battery-powered pre-amp is the NHB-18NS with phono stage and remote for $20,000.” Throw in some Jena Labs wire, EMM DAC and transport, amp stands from GPA and a rack that retails for $4,000 (and—believe it or don't—the rack is worth it based on the experience in my home system). “The sound we’re getting,” opines Jonathan, “priceless.”

The Art Audio/Gill Audio Design/Cabasse room with Joe Fratus in attendance. Sounded fantastic using an Einstein CDP.

Chris Brady described the new Teres:It’s a model 360, the first full-production unit. We also have a new dedicated stand made out of the same materials, all brass and hardwood. Table is $12k and the stand is $5k. Brass and hardwood … a killer combination. Weight, depending on how you load the stand is between 150 to 450 punds. The ‘table weighs in at 166. For all you junkies out there, the platter alone weighs 66 pounds.

Here’s another ‘table and a better shot of the stand.


Alrighty … here’s some quick, rather random stuff:

Song Audio, indeed, made music for a relative song. The integrated SA-34B (4 wpc) sells for $1,900; the Acoustic Monitor: Type II Silk DM for $1,700. Add a CDP and you’re good to go. Great sounding room!

Sean and Adam doing their sting in the Zu Cable room. Show sound was not stellar, but I have a pair of these at home. They are nothing short of a bargain at $2,800.

Here’s a beautiful Voyd ‘table in the AudioNote room.

This is Chris Hoff from BPT in the Herron Audio room. He’s doing interconnects and speaker cables now, too.

Speaking of the Herron Audio room, guess who’s getting into building speakers and subs?

More turntable goodies from the folks at Galibier. This is the Gavia with the Stelvio Platter ($8,000).

Here’s Keith Herron’s rig.

This SME 10 was found in the Hansen room.

A few shots of Roksan's new Xerxes 20.

SOTA Millenia. 'Nuff said.

And last, but far from least, the most mesmerizing musical presentation I encountered all weekend. Dennis “The Tube Wrangler” hails from Livingston, Montana. I’ve heard his very special SETs before, but mated to this new speaker, I encountered amazing texture, dynamics, detail, delicacy and drama. The industrial quality build may not help in situations that require domestic diplomacy, but the musical elegance simply must be heard to appreciate. After hours, we listened to Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler dual it out, and then tried some Alison Krauss before moving on to more rowdy country (and western!) fare. The name of the firm: Serious Stereo. When I first caught that name, I also caught my eyes rolling upward, but after two hours of listening, I had a big grin on my face. If I had room for a third system, and my checkbook could have taken the hit (I’m thinking around $10k for an amp and a tad more for the speakers), I might have made a deal there and then.


RMAF '05 photos and commentary courtesy of audioasylum.com
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