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About that insincerity: a hypocritical quote from Noel Lee in an interview

Found this on the first page of the story here.

The relevant excerpt:

“We could have called it Monster Cable Park,“ says Lee. “It's an important point to make. We didn't call it that because we didn't want it to be too much corporate branding rather than a fun place.”

Lee refuses to take seriously the possibility of confusion with a well known job board by the same name.

“No, because if people wanted to know which Monster, they can go online and figure it out,” insists Lee. “ If Monster.com flies a blimp over the Super Bowl, everybody thinks it's us.”

Now, if Lee is so unconcerned about a large and very well-known corporation mistakenly being associated with his company, how can he then, while maintaining any sort of credibility, claim concern about a tiny used-clothing store mistakenly being associated with his company? If the solution to this sort of brand confusion is to simply "go online and figure it out", then why the need for legal action?

I would think that a public admission by the founder of Monster Cable that his company purposely branded an endeavor in such a way that it may cause confusion with another company, and then admit that he's not concerned about that potential confusion, would tend to undermine any future claims he may make about his own company's mark(s) being diluted.


Boycott Monster Cable

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