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Re: Your Beemer wasn’t a Gold Buggy was it?


I even had a lot of weight in the trunk but it never helped with that thing. It was like Brit Spears: It's ass would never stay put.

My first car was a VW Beetle. That thing wouldn't hold the road in bad weather either, it was always sliding.

Ironically I had a Triumph Spitfire which never gave me a problem. I drove it thru some of the worst winters of the early 80's and it was great in snow. If I got in somebody elses rut, it stayed put like a slot car. (wasn't bad without a rut either) It was only scary on the highway when a truck passed me. It was not uncommon to feel it getting sucked under the trailor as it passed. I always had to be careful when one passed me quickly.

I thought audiophiles were better at arguing than anything, but as far as it being my fault, in that case no. In fact if it wasn't for the fact that I was a good driver and didn't pannic I'd never have held the road. And that was not the first or last time that car did that to me in a turn. The worst incident came when the damn brake cylider let lose one day and I made a left turn off the road to my house at about 40mph and 2 wheels practically with no brakes. (the emergency didn't do squat) I either had to try to make the turn or face a collision ahead. I used every inch of that corner and missed a telephone pole by a smidgen.

I was happy the day that car went bye bye. I'm convinced the germans over-engineer everything, and I won't be buying from them any more.

It is true it used to happen to my spitfire too though (if it went under 15 degrees, the master cyliners would be shot) but they always had some life to them still. When the damn BMW went, it went. I can say that much for it, it never did anything half way.

It's all about the music...

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