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Another Urban Legend

This reminds me of the scam that went round telling people to check their computers for a virus. It said to go into windows and look at the bottom of the main page and if there is a teddy bear icon titled "Setdebug" you should delete it.

Well EVERYONE has this of course as it's a windows thing, but it didn't stop tons of people from screwing up their computers by deleting it.

I commend your public spirit, but the very argument is faulty. If the tires hydroplane, they are free from resistance and will spin faster. The computer will of course interpret this as an increase in speed and will slow the vehicle, not speed it up. (Unless it's an Audi or some other german car. Them I don't trust) The entire notion of getting airborne is impossible.

I do however agree with the sentiment, in bad weather you ought to be doing all the driving. But a good highway and light rain, cruise is fine.

It's all about the music...

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