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Re: I know of one Japanese wire manufacturer who claims a single draw

Does this manu do so from the melt?? If not, what was the process which produced the initial stock that he was able to pull once to final form?

Norm: ""
Also would the final draw be the only important issue.""

With no real scientific evidence to go by, that question is unanswerable.

Norm: ""At root all of this still begs the question of why wires, even those with no shields, sound different running in one direction rather than the other. ""

Again, with no scientific evidence, there can be no repeatability, no measurement, and absolutely nothing to hang a scientific hat onto to figure out why it would...explanations without solid, real evidence or models is rather useless..kinda like firing a long range cannon without understanding ballistic trajectory...a simple "what comes up must come down" only helps if you drop a rock on ya foot..not hitting a target 20 miles away..

Kinda wish someone could explain exactly the details of the red pill vs the blue one, though...


Cheers, John

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