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Resonances in interconnects

Hi all,

one has to be registered in order to place a question over in cable asylum. I'm not registered, so I place that question here, if I may.

Just read 6moons' interview with Stealth's Serguei Timachev


The issue of resonance in interconnects is mentioned and addressed by the design of the Stealth cables. However, in order to have a resonance, you have to have an input signal of the same frequency that subsequently excites that resonance (at least that's what my physic textbooks seem to suggest).

The electrical resonances mentioned occur in the radio frequency range. CD is limited to 20 kHz. How can a signal in the audio range excite a resonance in the RF-range ?

How can mechanical resonances be excited in a cable that is well hidden behind your audio rack ? Where does the mechanical input signal come from that excites that resonance ?


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