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JPS Labs/Eupen cable controversy: A call to Belgium

In an effort to try and get to the truth of this matter, I made a call to Eupen's headquarters in Eupen, Belgium.

I spoke to a Herr Heinrichs (sorry, I didn't get his first name) who told me that Eupen was not making any exclusive custom cable for JPS Labs.

When I told him that JPS Labs was selling their cable for $350 US, he said (and this is an exact quote) "Someone is making a lot of money off our cable." He then asked if this cable was being sold for audio and when I said yes, he went on about the crazy pricing of audio cables.

I told him that JPS Labs claimed that Eupen is molding custom filters into the cable connectors for them (see http://www.jpslabs.com/see.htm) and he said that Eupen uses only the one filter, comprising a 0.8 mH common mode inductor, a 0.1 uF Cx cap and 2.2 nF Cy caps.

Those who wish to contact Herr Heinrichs to confirm this for themselves may do so on his direct line at +32 87/597260. The more suspicious may call Eupen's main number and ask to be transferred to Herr Heinrichs at +32 87/597000.

Oh, he also said that the cable in question is their IMU-14, which I believe is the cable rpl was quoted $30 for a set of 5 from Eupen's US distributor.

If JPS Labs has a problem with this, they can take it up with the folks at Eupen.


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