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Talking music with other people.

Although this happened awhile back, to me, it's so funny I thought I'd post it so you guys could get a chuckle out of it.
While eating lunch with co-workers one day, a guy asked me what kind of music I like. I told him I was pretty much a classical music nut. He looked at me and said "Oh, you mean like Yanni?" Another time, while drinking in a bar with a friend, he explained to me how the music of Led Zepplin will stand up with anything ever written by Mozart or Beethovan. I really had no come back. I mean, when the conversation starts like that, where do you go from there? He finished by explaining to me why Counting Crows were the "rock poets" of our generation. I just love bar talks. One last story. One year around Christmas, a co-worker found out I was an audiophile. He came to me seeking advice on a system for his wife. I asked he what he wanted the system to do. He explained to me that he wanted music throughout the house, being able to play radio, records, cd's and tapes. He wanted it to be top quality stuff, remote controllable from any room in the house. This was an older guy who makes a ton of money. I was licking my chops at the propect of being able to put together a top notch, whole house system with someone elses money. I told him that such a system could be pretty darn expensive. He replied, "Oh, moneys no object, I want the best and I'd be willing to spend 3 or 4 hundred dollars if I have to". I was speechless. Anyone else have a good story about encounters with non-audiophiles?

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